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How We Can Help Explore Rehold’s Free Reverse Address Lookup

Verify information

Verify information about a property before purchase

Verify identity

Verify identity of your new neighbors

Verify previous owners

Get to know current and previous owners of a property

Keep your family safe by learning about new neighbors
Verify agent’s claims on property owner
Protect yourself from property fraud
Verify the credibility of online sellers

What You Get with Our Reverse Home Lookup

Details of Property

  • Square footage of property
  • Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • The year the property was built
  • Estimated market value of the home
  • Zip code
  • City and state property stats
  • Street name

Owner’s Details

  • Public records of owner
  • Owner’s other residences
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Age
  • Social media handles
  • Location history

Who Resides in the Property

  • Current residents
  • Past residents
  • Number of years residents live in property

Information on the Neighborhood

  • Neighborhood facilities like schools, malls, and cinemas
  • Neighborhood crime rate and safety statistics
  • Sex offenders

Contact Information

  • Cell phone info of property owner
  • Agent’s contact info
  • Property owner contact info and address
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How Our Service Works Three easy steps to success

Get Results

Your search will provide free results and different profiles that match your search. Thereon, you can pick possible profiles and run more accurate searches.

Why Choose Rehold Reverse Directory Address?

Extensive Database

We have a constantly updated and extensive database of public and private records, ensuring that your reverse address finder lookup produces up-to-date results.

Get More for Less

Without spending on private investigators and expensive reverse address history companies, you can get personal information on property owners. You can also try our free reverse address check for basic but incredibly useful information.

Speedy Results

Our results are immediate and accurate.

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What People Say about Rehold’s Free Reverse Address Search Engine

I needed to conduct a reverse business search by an address of a company offering a partnership. The regular Google search I conducted about the business wasn’t forthcoming so I subscribed to Rehold and did a free reverse address lookup on the business property of the people. Their profile came out in the search, and further reverse lookup search revealed that the company had been involved in some scams. Complaints showed up, and the personal name lookup of their supposed CEO was alarming. I dodged a bullet.

Shaun Adams Shaun Adams

I used Rehold’s services for a reverse street address and home look-up and I was able to find a long lost friend. The results turned up possible home addresses of the friend and a telephone number. I was also able to get results including information on the friend’s social media address, and contact him. It was a happy reunion.

Bridget lowe Bridget Lowe

Rehold’s reverse business address lookup is extremely easy to use, and incredibly reliable. As a private detective, it’s easy to get information when you use a database search platform like Rehold to find people. From criminal records to reverse home address lookup, contact information, and a hoard of information that comes at no charge, Rehold remains exemplary in this industry.

Jonathan King Jonathan King
About Rehold

About Rehold’s Reverse Lookup for Real Estate

Data Attribution Direction

Files and data extracted from Rehold’s reverse address database are free to use; however, ensure that you attribute all use to—whether partial or whole use. Ensure that you attribute files or data to the specific Rehold data metric in the database. Check below for specific attribution details.

How to Attribute Rehold’s Data Files

Rehold’s files are created and structured within a database set. Each set contains metrics for data results. For example, ‘current residents’ metric shows the current resident of a property, and ‘historical residents’ data shows a list and time stamp of residents that have occupied a property since its construction.

Rehold Has the Most Extensive Database and Reverse Address Directory in the USA

Our extensive database of public and private information includes business addresses, residential addresses, contact information, social media accounts, organizations, government agencies, home address, name, relatives, criminal records, business records, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rehold’s Reverse Address Search for Free?

Yes, Rehold’s reverse home address lookup is 100% free. You can lookup residential and business addresses, and get accurate information for free. However, to enjoy exclusive access to Rehold’s database—and access unlimited valuable information, you have to subscribe to our service.

Is It Legal to Conduct Reverse Lookup Search?

Everyone has a reason to conduct a reverse look up search. Getting a lost friend’s phone number or conducting a reverse street address search isn’t illegal. You should also note that organizations like banks may conduct reverse lookup on you, but they must operate within the fair credit reporting act. You can also run reverse business search by address to ascertain a business’ reputation before partnering with them.

What Makes Rehold Special?

Rehold’s has the most extensive database for search in the United States. If you are trying to find out who lives in a place or confirm the validity of address listings, Rehold is the perfect platform to conduct such look ups—and you can get the information at no charge.

How Does Rehold Get Information

Rehold’s database is compiled from billions of public records like court addresses, phone books, white pages, social media accounts, and all online sources. We also have a super analytics tool that analyzes these data and provides free results within an accurate capacity.